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(EN) #ThatTranslatorCanCook : Coline Sgorbini

Dernière mise à jour : 20 déc. 2019

The grey and cold November has arrived, but fear not: it's time to interview the sparkling Coline, EN/IT/FR interpreter and translator.


Coline SGORBINI, EN/IT/FR interpreter

Let's have a bit of Coline's delicious curry to warm the cold evening of November.

Who are you?

My name is Coline, I'm 26, and I'm a freelance translator and conference interpreter. I'm from Lyon and I've been living in Paris for a year now to develop my freelance business.

I spend most of my days outside, either doing sports, meeting with friends, eating, having a drink, or just enjoying the fresh air. In a nutshell, I like moving, travelling, meeting new, and talking. In other words, my parents never wondered why I wanted to become an interpreter!

  • What is your relationship with cooking?

I love cooking! Especially when I cook for others. My grandmother was an excellent cook (and baker), and my mother followed her footsteps. I learned to cook with my mother, from the youngest age. For family gatherings, she can always count on my sisters to set up a nice decoration for the table and other preparations (for which, let's be honest, I'm really not that good), and on me to help her out behind the stove.

  • What dish do you like to cook the most?

I don't have any favourite dish. However, I love baking. I could spend the whole day recreating a wedding cake made of chocolate cream puffs... just to eat it right after! No matter what, when I'm invited over to dinner, I'm always in charge of the dessert.

  • And the least?

I don't really like preparing starters. I often lack inspiration and it's the part of the meal I'm the least interested in. I don't really get the point of it, because the main course is already savoury.

By now you know: dessert has a special place in my heart. Without something sweet with my coffee at the end of a meal, I feel like I haven't eaten at all!

  • What have you always wanted to know how to do in cooking (e.g. a technique or a dish)?

I always wanted to learn how to make real emulsions. Each time I have one at a restaurant, I tell myself I really need to learn this technique. It does add a unique touch to each course. And gosh, it's good!

  • What do you eat and/or drink while translating?

Strangely, even though I love food, I never nibble! It's a golden rule I gave myself a long time ago. Regarding drinks, I'm not a huge fan of sodas or fruit juices. I only drink water, coffee, or sometimes Pulco (lemon cordial).

  • Bonus: Could you share a quick, easy, delicious recipe?

The one in the picture. I rarely plan the recipes I'll make in advance. Generally, I just open the fridge and see what's in it. Here we have a vegetarian coconut curry:

I cook rice with coconut milk or cream, then I add carrots, peppers, courgettes and tomatoes (or any other vegetable in the fridge), diced. While it's cooking, I add salt, pepper, ginger, curry, sweet chilli, and coriander.

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