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#ThatTranslatorCanCook: one year of cooking with translators


To celebrate the launch of my new blog, let me invite you to discover a challenge I part of with other fellow translators:

Initiated by Hannah Lawrence in August 2019, this challenge gathers translators passionated with cooking, eager to share their knowledge and discoveries to the rest of the world.

The aim is simple: translate recipes, write about linguistic challenges arised from cooking translation, presenting food traditions or original techniques, etc. In a nutshell, we are here to talk about cooking and translation.

I personally chose a type of text I particularly like: interviews.

Each month, for a whole year, I'll chare with you the interview of a fellow translator, whether they participate or not to the challenge, to make you discover their relationship with cooking (whether passionate, shy, or hostile).

This challenge will allow me to share with you my love for food in all its shapes and colors, and to pave the way for possible future cooking projects.

To launch this series of interview, I'me the first one to dive in, waiting up for the answers of the first interviewees: click here to see me cooking!

Happy reading and see you soon again at Sherlock's!

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